Der Himmel über Berlin

This post will probably make anyone living in Romania at the moment, thus having to endure an extremely hot summer, quite envious. I would trade places with them, for a while at least.

This already is my second summer in Berlin and I can honestly say that the weather here goes crazy during this time of year. Before moving here, I was practically prepared (warm clothes and accessories) for the very cold winters and rainy springs and autumns. It never crossed my mind that summer would be the most problematic of them all.

While, of course, the winters tend to get a bit icy cold at least for a week or so (usually around the holidays or any other time you need to stroll around the city) and it’s rather chilly and damp during spring and autumn, the summer is the time for extremes. Just when you think you can safely take out those summery dresses and tops, the weather turns for the worse. If you have two days with temperatures over 25 degrees C, then you should expect it to change on the third. And it will change with a dramatic storm. “Gewitter”, meaning storm, was one of the words I had not known while learning German back home, but one that I quickly learned upon arriving here. With good reason! Because here it is more likely to get don’t just get crazy storms with lightnings, thunder and all the rest, than your average rain, so “Regen”.

However, and this is the reason for the post’s title, borrowed from a strange, but beautiful film by Wim Wenders, the image of the sky before and after the storms is absolutely spectacular. The clouds are like large cotton candy, woolly and discreetly coloured, the wind is strong and carries them along quickly, so much so that I often get the feeling I am living next to the seashore. Yesterdat, for example, it started raining in streams 4-5 times, making the sky scenery change dramatically from one moment to the next. It was good that I had to stay inside and could fully enjoy this spectacle and manage to capture a part of it.

So, if you’re visiting Berlin during the summer, be sure to pack a small umbrella and take it with you, even if outside it’s sunny and relatively cloudless. As the Englishmen say, here, you may never know how the weather will be like in the course of one day. And speaking of England, from my own experience living in London and while talking to others about this, it’s really not so rainy and when it is most often it will be light rain. They should pass on this reputation to Germany instead.

And last but not least, if it’s windy outside, don’t forget to subtract a couple or more degrees from the temperatures displayed on weather broadcasts. If they say there will be 17 degrees C, with a little help from the chilly Berlin wind after rain, it will feel more like 13-14 degrees. The same goes for most other times of the year: if it’s not windy, the damp atmosphere will make up for it.

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