Ridiculous fashion trends: Part I

I was never a hip person. I admit that I wanted to and tried at one point, but even the effort I put into it was limited. There would always be this question in my mind before I spend too much time on my looks or considered paying more than I could afford on clothes or make-up: why? What’s the point of this? Will this actually make me look and feel better? Will I actually feel like I fit in if I wear this?

I couldn’t lie to myself for too long and knew that if I didn’t feel comfortable wearing something just because I had seen on someone else and it looked cool on that person, then the whole plan was ruined because this also affected my mood in a negative way. So after a couple of years of following the fashion trends, more passively than actively though, I gradually gave the whole thing up. And I am glad I did because this simplifies my existence at least in this respect and I get to take a seat as a critical observer at this ridiculous show called fashion. And it’s getting more and more absurd with each new season.

This probably isn’t the latest trend. It’s probably been around for a few years already, ever since the hipster community entered mainstream, but this year I have noticed it has gathered pace and a lot of people, who can choose to do this as a “fashion statement”, not for medical reasons, have adopted it. I am talking about fake glasses. Whether they come along with or without lenses is not the point. Because being a (fake) nerd is the new cool now. The bigger the glasses, the cooler one is. Some may say that it’s a sign of solidarity with those who are forced to wear them, but I see it as a heavy punch in the latter’s face. It’s almost as if they’re saying: “ See, we can look smart and trendy at the same time!”.

Since now it’s trendy to wear something other people wear for medical purposes and nerdy is all the rage nowadays, I think I could anticipate next season’s major trend in this direction: braces. Hey, it’s the ultimate nerd accessory! So you gotta have it! Of course the braces should come in different colours and in as many shades of pink as possible; again, the bigger the better. And while we’re at it, although this is probably already the case, why not turn books into some kind of accessories. There are many ways one could use books santorially speaking: either as hats, handbags, statement bracelets, belts, etc. But it should be strictly forbidden to have anything printed on these fashionable items.

If I think about it, the trend with books is not so far fetched. Many well intended initiatives have turned reading into a cool activity; the more people see you doing this, the better. Of course, reading is actually cool, although not in the way in which it is promoted today.

The list of ludicrous things people wear or do nowadays just because it’s hip is quite long. For this reason, I will include a few more items in future posts. However, if you thought people in our days have lost their minds fashion-wise, then take a look at trends from the past centuries. People back then ended up either disfigured or killed in the service of trendiness.

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