Shopping in Friedrichshain

Guest post by  Euan McTear from Oh-Berlin

There are some who leave Berlin with the impression of a dull and grey industrial city, with little to offer those who don’t love museums. Those people just didn’t do Berlin properly!

Source: La Citta Vita

There is always plenty to see and do in Berlin that you won’t ever read about in a guidebook. From coffee shops in Kreuzberg to music in Mitte, you must be walking blindfolded if you leave the city bored.

One popular way to spend an afternoon – that doesn’t appear in every guide book – is shopping in Berlin ’s Friedrichshain area in the east of the city. Locals will, of course, view this as nothing unusual or out of the ordinary – in fact browsing the little boutiques that line the area’s streets might even be seen as a cliché by some Berliners. Continue reading


Is it possible to stop food waste?

Germany is a very environmentally friendly country. This is one aspect I have noticed from the very start particularly among the youth. People are very careful when it comes to recycling correctly; there is a strong trend towards purchasing as many Bio products as possible and, to a certain extent, even decreasing the quantity of meat consumed in order to diminish the impact on the environment besides protecting the animals Continue reading