The painting’s on the wall(s)

Berlin is a very colourful city. Wherever you go, even in the places most reminiscent of their communist past, there is a spot or more of colour on the buildings or the walls.

Graffiti is something everyone is already familiar with. Most of it may not make a place more interesting, on the contrary, it may even downgrade it, while some showcases so much talent and wittiness that even the fiercest opponent would think again before claiming that all graffiti should be banned.

When it comes to painting on the walls, the offer in Berlin is extremely wide and the chances you will see something cool while having a stroll through the city are high. After all, this is where the famous and amazing East Side Gallery is located. Thus a strip of over 1 km from the former Berlin Wall was kept standing and turned into a memorial and an art exhibition open all year round.

Apartmennt building on Frankfurter Allee

In the same manner, old or ugly buildings have been transformed with more or less success. I was pleasantly surprised to find such paintings applied on the 10 or 20 storey apartment buildings constructed way back during the time of the GDR from my area. This idea improves the aspect of the buildings considerably and the ones in Romania could benefit greatly if such initiatives were to be implemented.


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