November 9, 23 years ago in Berlin

The Berlin Wall at Topographie des Terrors

Today is November 9, a day of great significance in German history that marked both glorious events as well as dark moments. I will talk about the most recent event that marked the history of Germany and led to the reunification of this state: the fall of the Berlin Wall.

23 years ago on this very day something that many people living in the GDR or in other communist countries thought would never happen: the wall that for 28 years brutally separated families, friends, neighbours, colleagues in Berlin was opened, a move that resulted in its almost complete destruction within a few short months. Continue reading


The painting’s on the wall(s)

Berlin is a very colourful city. Wherever you go, even in the places most reminiscent of their communist past, there is a spot or more of colour on the buildings or the walls.

Graffiti is something everyone is already familiar with. Continue reading