Hipster Olympiade in Berlin 2012

The hipster trend has gathered a lot of followers in the past years and it will probabIy continue in this rhythm for a while still until it is replaced by either something complementary or something completely different. I have been aware of it and even interested in it when it was not yet very mainstream: I used to love listening to rather unknown indie bands, go to the first vintage fairs organised in Bucharest and, in terms of fashion, I also picked some elements from the movement, although after reading an article on how to dress and behave like a true hipster, I realised I was very far from the concept.

However, for me it lost momentum quickly and, thus, I didn’t keep me with the developments. That’s is why I have only recently heard of such a thing as sports for hipsters, not to mention an event where all these different “sports” are brought together under the title of olympiad . Continue reading


Ridiculous fashion trends: Part I

I was never a hip person. I admit that I wanted to and tried at one point, but even the effort I put into it was limited. There would always be this question in my mind before I spend too much time on my looks or considered paying more than I could afford on clothes or make-up: why? What’s the point of this? Will this actually make me look and feel better? Will I actually feel like I fit in if I wear this? Continue reading