Food and water fight at Oberbaumbrücke Berlin

Remember those fights with water guns or water balloons you used to love having when you were young? Many of us probably still enjoy them now and seek any relatively sane occasion to feel like a kid again. Exactly for this reason, in major cities around the world there are similar events organized. However, in several instances there isn’t only water involved, making the urban fights more unexpected and entertaining.

One of the biggest events of this sort is the fight which takes place at the end of summer near the Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin. Continue reading


Hipster Olympiade in Berlin 2012

The hipster trend has gathered a lot of followers in the past years and it will probabIy continue in this rhythm for a while still until it is replaced by either something complementary or something completely different. I have been aware of it and even interested in it when it was not yet very mainstream: I used to love listening to rather unknown indie bands, go to the first vintage fairs organised in Bucharest and, in terms of fashion, I also picked some elements from the movement, although after reading an article on how to dress and behave like a true hipster, I realised I was very far from the concept.

However, for me it lost momentum quickly and, thus, I didn’t keep me with the developments. That’s is why I have only recently heard of such a thing as sports for hipsters, not to mention an event where all these different “sports” are brought together under the title of olympiad . Continue reading

Classical music for everyone

Unter den Linden

Although in Berlin the weather is hardly as one expects it to be in summer, with swift changes of temperature and plenty of rain (sometimes for days in a row) the events taking place in the city make up for this negative aspect.

Last weekend two major outdoor venues have been organised on the streets of Berlin: Staatsoper für alle and Jazz in Kreuzberg. Continue reading