The Reichstag building

After the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building that now houses the German Parliament, is one of the most visited places in Berlin and a symbol for German unity.

Located in the close vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate, it was originally opened in 1894, housing the Reichstag (the Parliament of the German Empire) until 1933 when it was damaged by a fire left unsolved to this day. It benefited from limited renovations since this time and was, thus, largely unused expect for military reasons during the Second World War. Continue reading


Siegessäule Berlin

The Siegessäule, meaning the Victory Column, is one of Berlin’s best known landmarks. Alongside the Fernsehturm at Alexanderplatz and the Bundestag Kuppel or Dome, this is one of the places which offers a spectacular view over the city centre.

Since these two landmarks are usually packed with tourists that queue for hours in order to get inside, the Siegessäule at the Großer Stern intersection is much quicker to access. This may also be due to the 285 steps on a steep spiral staircase which need to climbed for a chance to view the panorama. Nevertheless, once you manage to get to the top, the effort is certainly worth it. From here you will be able to admire Berlin in all its symetric marvelousness with the wide Straße des 17. Juni crossing the vast Tiergarten and uniting what were formely the Eastern and Western sides of the divided city. Continue reading