Shopping in Friedrichshain

Guest post by  Euan McTear from Oh-Berlin

There are some who leave Berlin with the impression of a dull and grey industrial city, with little to offer those who don’t love museums. Those people just didn’t do Berlin properly!

Source: La Citta Vita

There is always plenty to see and do in Berlin that you won’t ever read about in a guidebook. From coffee shops in Kreuzberg to music in Mitte, you must be walking blindfolded if you leave the city bored.

One popular way to spend an afternoon – that doesn’t appear in every guide book – is shopping in Berlin ’s Friedrichshain area in the east of the city. Locals will, of course, view this as nothing unusual or out of the ordinary – in fact browsing the little boutiques that line the area’s streets might even be seen as a cliché by some Berliners. Continue reading


Food and water fight at Oberbaumbrücke Berlin

Remember those fights with water guns or water balloons you used to love having when you were young? Many of us probably still enjoy them now and seek any relatively sane occasion to feel like a kid again. Exactly for this reason, in major cities around the world there are similar events organized. However, in several instances there isn’t only water involved, making the urban fights more unexpected and entertaining.

One of the biggest events of this sort is the fight which takes place at the end of summer near the Oberbaumbrücke in Berlin. Continue reading