Cool markings on the Berlin walls

Scribbling on treesI’m not a big fan of graffiti, but I have to admit that a lot of what is painted on the walls in Berlin are fantastic on so many levels. They can be either insightful, or cute, or confusing, or so detailed that it takes you 10 minutes to look at it all. There is so much graffiti even in one district, it would be impossible to capture it all.

So, when you’re walking the streets of Berlin, keep your head up high so that you don’t miss anything amazing. Check out a few samples: Continue reading


The painting’s on the wall(s)

Berlin is a very colourful city. Wherever you go, even in the places most reminiscent of their communist past, there is a spot or more of colour on the buildings or the walls.

Graffiti is something everyone is already familiar with. Continue reading