Flohmarkt at Boxhagener Platz revisited

I have discovered this flea market last year thanks to some friends. I have yet to go visit all or even half of Berlin’s many flea markets. Besides this one at Boxhagener Platz, I had previously been to the one at Mauer Park several times and the one at Biesdorf. How would I describe these markets in one words?

Mauer Park: huge

Biesdorf: cheaper

Boxhagener Platz: cosy

If you happen to be in the lovely Ostkreuz-Frankfurter Tor area on a Sunday, pay a short visit to the flea market placed around the small park from between the apartment blocks. You will most certainly find something interesting to buy, be it a book (and the selection is wide), a dress, a photo camera or even a sofa or a chandelier.

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