A view from above

Last time I wrote about the Siegessäule monument here, I failed to include some pictures taken from above. And since the view offered by this site in Berlin is probably only exceeded only by the Fernsehturm, which is almost four twice taller, I thought some pictures could do no harm.

The narrow and winding staircase will take some effort to climb

But when you reach the top, what you get will make all of it totally worth it

For those of you who have fear of heights, the golden bars with try to provide extra assurance

No, unfortunately the Golden Else wins the battle for the better view and you won’t be able to sit on its raised arm like in the film “Der Himmel über Berlin”

You can’t climb up to the statue

But you will forget about all these impediments once you take a look around

The Brandenburg Gate flanked by the Tiergarten

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