Classical music for everyone

Unter den Linden

Although in Berlin the weather is hardly as one expects it to be in summer, with swift changes of temperature and plenty of rain (sometimes for days in a row) the events taking place in the city make up for this negative aspect.

Last weekend two major outdoor venues have been organised on the streets of Berlin: Staatsoper für alle and Jazz in Kreuzberg. The former is an event which takes place (almost) every year in the Bebelplatz close to the Staatsoper building and gathers thousands of spectators. A segment of the Unter den Linden avenue is shut down and traffic is diverted. When this event coincides with the European or World Football Championship, during which time the traffic around Brandenburger Tor is also diverted, then you may expect more jams than you usually get to see in the mostly bicycle-crowded Berlin.

The event took place over two days: on the evening of 30th of June the opera Don Giovanni by Mozart performed live at the Schiller Theater was projected on the huge screen set up in front of the Humboldt Universitaet main building, while on the next day, the Staatskapelle orchestra performed Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 and Piano Concert No. 1. And most important: all of this for free!

A view from the Humboldt balcony on Bebelplatz

Because there was only a limited number of stools provided on the second day for the people in front of the stage, the organisers were also selling deck chairs for 15 € for anyone in need of more comfort.

While I only caught glimpses from the first evening’s show during work, I made it to the next day’s concert and I was lucky enough to watch it from the beautiful balcony of another Humboldt building situated right at Bebelplatz. Besides a good view of the show and less people, we were also treated to Champagne, drinks, chocolate and other sweet things. During this time, I was wondering what it would be like if something similar were to be organised in Bucharest and if treats were to be given to students watching the show from the building of any major university in the centre of city. Probably the rumour would spread quickly and a lot of students would join just for the sake of free food and drinks. Or maybe I am exaggerating.

All in all, it was a lovely event and I am looking forward to a summer packed with similar open air concerts and art happenings. Hopefully, the weather also agrees.


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